Saturday, March 17, 2012

Splash, Food Photography & Styling - Month 3

Hard to believe we are already into the month of March, my how times flies.

So onto our 3rd challenge in our Bloom Forum Group this was a fun and very challenging thing to do.  We all set out to capture the perfect splash.....seems like it might be easy, but it was tough.  I really struggled to get a perfect shot that was exciting and appealing while trying to perform all the necessary tasks myself.  Have you ever tried to drop an object into a glass full of liquid, while timing your shutter release to capture the precise moment for that perfect splash......I will tell you  it was not easy!
My son really wanted to be a helper, but lets face it a 2 1/2 yr old's aim is no better than my own and truthfully all he wanted to do was drink out of glass.  Oh well I tried.

I did learn some valuable lessons though, while trying to pull this off.

1. Make sure your camera is out of splash range.....mine took a little bath on my first day of shooting.  :(
2. A tripod is an absolute neccessity (at least it was to me).  Having your camera perched atop a wobbly table that itself is perched upon a dining room chair...not a great idea. 
3.Doing an exercise like this is better if you can do it floors ended up with the majority of the liquid on them, which meant I had to mop up.  Oh well at least my floors are now clean....that's a bonus
4. Lots of light makes capturing the "Motin or Movement" of the splash better, you can see every little drip and drop when you have great lighting.
5. And just go with the flow, your not going to get a perfect shot on your first try.  Keep at it, we all started somewhere.  Have Fun!

Now I challenge you all to go out and try this yourself.  I'd love to see what you come up with.

This was my best  shot in my opinion.  I wish I'd have had more room at the top of  it  to get that entire splash  in the frame....

Here are a few outtakes from my sessions.
Not such an exciting splash.
Should have mopped up the table for this one....

I am having such great fun with this wonderful group of ladies.  Be sure to click on the link and continue around the circle to see everyone else's Splash pictures.

Here's where you can find Alison Jacobs, Orange CountyPhotographer and her Splash images.  Enjoy!


  1. Love the strawberry splash. I'm impressed you got such a big berry in such a narrow glass!

  2. I agree! That is an awesome splash, huge!! Well done!

  3. I love that huge splash! I was amazed when I took the shots at how big some of the splashes were as when I saw them in action they just didn't seem that big. Your shots turned out awesome!

  4. Such an amazing strawberry splash!! Well done Tammy - love the other shots, too - how the heck did the strawberry get in that last glass? Wow!

  5. Lovely! I loved that you used the fruit! and I love that blue glass! Great shots!

  6. What a hugely tall splash!!!! awesome capture! and the bowl of berries behind makes an excellent touch.

  7. That is some serious height! Love it. I am way impressed as I know how hard it is to get something into a small glass. Well done.

  8. Your splash is AMAZING!! The height is incredible Tammy!!

  9. Love your glasses in both but the shot with the berries is my favorite! Great splashes!


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