Saturday, January 7, 2012


Every year we all "resolve" to do something.  Whether it be, read a particular book, become a better person or get more active.  I would estimate that the majority of the population resolves to do something in the new year.

My resolution this year is one that I seem to think of.....every year.  Each January 1st I resolve that I will eat better, exercise more and with any luck shed some of this excess weight.  This year is no different.  Although my approach to it this year is.......different I mean.

As of this week I have faithfully exercised 5-7 days.....pretty good right!  For me that's a good start, but the problem is by week 3 I am bored tired and not feelin' so motivated anymore and that's where my resolution falls apart.  So as part of a photography challenge I took this picture

I am hoping that by looking at it regularly it will motivate me on those days that I am not feelin' so darn motivated.  Think it will work??
I hope so  :)    Wish me luck, no on second thought keep me in line.
  Until next time.  Check out this great resource for all things photography!


  1. Huge fab of those dvd's. She annoys me but they work. I am doing ripped in 30 days now, 3 more weeks to go!! Good luck to you.

  2. same resolution here.... a few days late starting, but doing my best! good luck! :) and love your photo edge!


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