Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 1/52

Well the New Year has finally arrived, and thankfully my house has been returned to normal  (somewhat)
All the decorations have come down and just when I think I have gathered them all up......I always find ONE more.  And this year was no different.  It was a wreath I had hanging on the laundry room door, but it too is now tucked away until next year.

For 2012 I have decided to take on a 52 week project with some other fabulous photographers from over on "The Bloom Forum".

The first weeks post was titled  NEW

I had to really think about what type of shots or subject I could use for this theme.  My son was colouring on his oversized table cloth that he received as a Christmas gift, he was so content with what he was doing I thought that these were the shots I was looking for .  After all it was a new toy and and New experience for him and Me.

He was quiet, he was happy and he was content......this is definitely a New occurance in our house hold.    :)

And let's see what my friend Karol Has in store for this week.


  1. Writable tablecloth - fantastic idea!! It looks like you all have enjoyed it!
    Great pics!

  2. This is sooo cool! I want to get one of these for my kids! And a great way to start both of your new years!

  3. Love your take on the theme this week!

  4. You have to love any new thing that keeps the kids busy and spurs their creativity as well!

  5. I love capturing those new experiences, what sweet pictures! And how cool is that tablecloth?!?

  6. Very cool tablecloth. Great capture.

  7. What a great and creative idea! Very cool!


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